Charming Bruges – 3 castle route

The Three Castle Walk Route explores the domains of Tillegem, Tudor, Beisbroek and Chartreuzinnenbos. Walking paths and castle drives through extensive forests, heathland, grasslands and standard orchards allow you to discover the varied forest landscape south of Bruges. On the way, the castles of Tillegem, Tudor and Beisbroek bear witness to the rich living environment of the Bruges elite over the centuries. The route also takes you to historic courtyards such as ‘Hoeve Aandekooi’, ‘Hoeve Pereboom’ and ‘Hoeve Hermitage’. The Rosmolen, the ‘Star’ and the former Carthusian convent ‘Sint-Anna-ter-Woestijne’ are also on display.

Distance: 12,00km

Shape: Loop and 1 direction

Type route: Landscape hiking route

Toegankelijkheid: dogs

Starting point: parking tillegem domain, wittemolenstraat 128, 8200 sint-michiels

signage: the route is signposted with hexagonal signs.


On your route:

1. Rosmill

The Rosmolen dates from the second half of the 19th century and was made in Houtem (Veurne).

2. Tillegem Castle

One of the oldest castles in Flanders. It is home to the Regional House of North-West Flanders.

3. Tillegemforest

The oldest provincial estate in West Flanders with a castle, footpaths, lawns and playing fields, a cosy inn and a neo-gothic domain farm with a horse mill.

4. Tudor Castle

Castle (1904) built in Tudor style. The 40 ha large accessible domain Tudor includes a large forest and park area.

5. Beisbroek Castle

In this high-tech planetarium, sun, stars and planets are observed. Discover your inner astronaut!

6. Domein Beisbroek

Beisbroek is a 98 ha green domain, open to the public as a walking area. With cafeteria, picnic area and a planet trail!




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