Historic Bruges – Wealthy Medieval Bruges

Bruges was founded as a traders city, trading in cotton and wool. Most of their trade came from England back then. They arrived through the harbour, bringing their merchandise into the city through the canals. This quick and easy transport made it easy for Bruges to boom economically. It became one of the most wealthy cities in the north of Europe.

Walking through the historic heart of the city, you will find many beautiful little places that still have that Medieval charm. Wander along the canals or underneath the big gates that lead to the city center, and you will find yourself transported into the Middle Ages.

Make sure to pay attention to the trading houses, with their signs just beneath the roof. Or take a boat ride on the small canals, stepping into the footsteps of those early traders.

Take a moment on the Market Square to view the Belfry or the other historical buildings and imagine the way they worked and lived there in the Middle Ages.

You will find historic sites that mark the wealth throughout the whole city centre.

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