Must see Bruges – the Church of Our Lady

The Church is one of the oldest praying places of Bruges. It is a recognised parish church within Bruges and has been part of the St. Donatian parish federation since the beginning of the twenty-first century. Since the 1980s, it has also functioned as a tourist ‘welcome church’. Now they are doing major restaurations to the church and they added a museum in it.

The 115.5 metres high brick tower of the Church of Our Lady is the second highest brick building in the world. The church displays an art collection of  Michelangelo’s world-famous Madonna and Child, countless paintings, 13th-century painted sepulchres and the tombs of Mary of Burgundy and Charles the Bold.

The church is open every day from 9h30 till 17h00. Entrance to the church is free of charge and de museum costs €6 per person. Students and 65+ pay €5.

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